Prepare Yourself for an Epic Adventure

Once we receive your deposit of $1000.00 USD we ask you to send us a picture of your drivers license, and include your phone number which are both required to purchase your hunting licenses. We ask that you arrive at camp shortly after 2 pm the day before the actual hunt. We get you settled into camp and have time to relax while you meet some of the staff and other hunters. Later we have a group discussion and have a Q & A session which is beneficial for all new and repeating hunters. If you want to test your equipment, we will head to a local gun range and make sure you are confident in your shot. Our hunts are 5 days Monday to Friday, Saturdays are left for completing any trophy prep, locating any possible injured animals, and a relaxing group breakfast before your journey home. Most clients are headed home by noon, allowing our wonderful staff time to get the lodge ready for the next group of hunters. Whitetail Deer hunts are $5500.00 USD plus taxes & license, non-hunters are welcomed at a discounted price of 50%, and they can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our lodge or tour local areas during the day. Our stands are not designed for multiple people, so watching the hunt is not an option for this rate. Guiding, skinning, trophy prep, lodging and meals are all included in our price. Gratuities are not included and are left at your discretion, they are appreciated.

Whitetail hunts at Northern Whitetail Outfitters start Nov 1st, 2022, and run until Dec 2nd, 2022. Your hunt is 5 days, arriving Sunday, the day before the hunt after 2:00pm, and departing on Saturday by 12:00pm.

Camp cell phone numbers: Chuck @ 1-306-222-2030 or Trevor @ 1-780-977-2886

Available Dates for 2022

  • Oct 31 - Nov 4
  • Nov 7 - 11 (3/4 full)
  • Nov 14 - 18 (full)
  • Nov 28 - Dec 2 (open)
  • Oct 3 - 7
  • Oct 10 - 14
  • Nov 28 - Dec 2 (open)

Pro Tip!

If you have never hunted in Saskatchewan previously you require a HAL certificate. This is good for life time but we need a picture of your drivers license to apply for it prior to purchasing your hunting license. Take a picture and email to


Guides will check on hunters at predetermined times during the daily activities of checking cameras and baits at other stands. We strongly recommend bringing your cell phones and additional battery packs which enhances communication with our guides and increases hunter safety. Hunters will be picked up shortly after legal hunting time depending on weather and brought back to the lodge for a hot meal and comfortable bed. Ask about including a heater to add additional comfort for your day.


If you have any concerns regarding bringing your firearms into Canada please consult this web site Or call 1-800-731-4000 or 1-506-624-5380. Or if you prefer I can send out forms to be filled out. DO NOT SIGN THESE FORMS UNTIL IN FRONT OF CUSTOMS Canadians only require weapons to be encased in a locked case when flying or crossing provincial boarders.