Northern Whitetail Outfitters, Caribou Trial Outfitters, and Pelican Lake Outfitters

have combined to offer big game trophy hunting in some of the best hunting grounds of Northern Saskatchewan.

Hunting options will be to have provincial land hunts based out of Northern Whitetail Outfitters (160,000 acres) or private land hunts based out of Pelican Lake Outfitters (40,000 acres). Combined hunting areas of (200,000 acres)! The land base, additional camps, and our combined flexibility allows us to offer a variety of options such as combining hunts.

Combining Hunts Include

Second deer tag.

Combinations which include Moose, Deer, Elk, and Bear.

Extended season including early (October Deer), and late (December Deer).


Very few camps can provide the flexibility which Northern Whitetail, and Pelican Lake Outfitters can offer! Our lodge is based on 160 acres of private land, situated in the heart of Pelican Lake Outfitters hunting territory. A commute with truck and ATV takes you to other various regions of PLO and NWO hunting zones. Some ATV rides may be up to 30-45 minutes to get you into those special spots.

We encourage our hunters to harvest mature animals, assisting in our herd management program increasing your opportunity for trophy animals.

Meals and Accommodation

The lodge consists of 15 bedrooms, with some private and shared rooms. With various TV rooms and sitting areas, the lodge offers comfort for small or large groups. Our cooks provide warm home cooked meals which will keep you fueled up for those long days in the stands.

All meat from our harvested animals which is not taken by our hunters will be given to local families and this is greatly appreciated.